10 Best Dropshipping Products to Sell Online in 2022

Dropshipping has become the easiest and most convenient way to start an online business in just about any niche. However, finding the right products to sell can still be challenging. These are the top 10 best dropshipping products you can sell online in 2022 based on actual sales numbers from e-commerce platforms such as Amazon and eBay.

1) Chewing Gum


Chewing gum can be found almost anywhere, making it an ideal product for e-commerce stores. There are a variety of different flavors, textures, and brands that can suit any taste, but it’s important to do your research before you start selling.

Choosing a profitable flavor takes time and effort; there’s no point investing money in an inventory of gum if you don’t have decent projections for its demand. If you think chewing gum will work for your store, add it to your list!

2) Condoms


The 20-year CDC study of contraception and STDs, published late last year, found that condoms are by far and away from the most popular form of birth control. Of women surveyed who’d had sex in their lifetimes, 82 percent had used a condom at least once. That figure is undoubtedly even higher among people in committed relationships (87 percent) or with multiple partners (92 percent).

What’s more, 95 percent of women said they always use a condom with a new partner. It just makes sense: condoms are super easy to use, require no prescription or setup time, and have relatively few side effects. With all those advantages, it seems strange that they’re not more popular!

3) Small Appliances


Small appliances, like blenders and coffeemakers, are necessities but can be expensive. If you’re not planning on doing a lot of cooking or don’t want to invest in kitchen supplies, reselling these items on sites like eBay could be a great side hustle. It’s also a good way to get new or gently used appliances for cheap.

Just remember that many of these small appliances need some TLC if you want them to last long. Keeping them clean and organizing them (so they don’t take up too much space) is essential for high turnover and so your customers find exactly what they’re looking for.

4) Batteries


This is one of those products you don’t really think about until it’s gone, and then you realize how annoying life can be without them. Obviously, if you run out of batteries while there’s a storm coming, you may be more annoyed than usual at whoever failed to check on their stock of batteries before they left. But either way, having extra batteries on hand will save a lot of headaches (especially since many apartments only have one set per room). Hopefully, your battery situation isn’t that bad just yet—but it never hurts to be prepared.

5) Laptops


As computers become smaller and lighter, more people find that laptops fit their on-the-go lifestyles. More than two billion laptops were shipped globally in 2017. To keep those numbers up, manufacturers are creating better technology at lower costs. The best dropshipping products for 2018 and beyond will likely be high-quality laptops with a focus on portability, durability, and usability.

These features will appeal to both first-time computer buyers as well as sophisticated users who need a laptop that can double as a tablet or even a TV screen! That might mean something like an ultraportable Chromebook laptop or hybrid device that lets you use it with or without a keyboard depending on your needs.

6) Safety Razors


The best shaving option is a safety razor. Safety razors have long, sturdy handles for a closer shave than modern razors and a single blade that gives you a smooth shave. Most people are afraid of using one at first because it looks different from traditional razors; however, safety razors are far more cost-effective and result in fewer nicks or cuts. You can get your own safety razor on Amazon or from most local pharmacies.

7) Garden Tools


Because there’s an increasing interest in organic and sustainable living, it makes sense that garden tools will be very popular on Amazon. This category has room for all types of garden tools, from shovels and hand forks to rakes and spades. All of these items are top sellers on Amazon because people know how useful they are for everyday life – but many people don’t own a tool shed!

If you can find a good way to bring them together on your site you could make a lot of money. If you sell directly through Amazon then you won’t have any worries about shipping or handling so you’ll only need stock on hand that can cover demand which means less risk!

8) Dog Treats and Toys


In 2017, pet-related items made up 7% of all e-commerce sales, but that percentage is expected to rise. According to a recent report by Pet Business, 82% of pet owners have bought something online for their pets in the past year. This means it’s a great time for dog treats and toy sellers. Interested sellers can capitalize on another trend—pet owners’ willingness to spend money on high-quality treats and toys.

Many are willing to pay more than they would at a physical store because they don’t want their pet getting sick from low-quality products. Therefore, make sure your dropshipping product of choice is not only reliable and made with high-quality ingredients but also reasonably priced compared with other alternatives out there.

9) Electronic Device Accessories


Selling electronic device accessories is a great way to make some decent profits with dropshipping because you don’t have to worry about shipping and if you pick your items right, you can find some killer products. Everyone uses these items on a daily basis so they are going to be in high demand no matter what year it is.

The nice thing about selling cables and other small accessories is that they’re cheap too, meaning you can make decent margins without having too much capital tied up on your end. There are a lot of options out there when it comes to cables, chargers, adapters and more so do your research before getting started.

10) Beach Supplies


If you want to sell beach supplies and related items, our top tip is simply to start a store on Amazon. The site has over 200 million users worldwide, and if you can rank high enough for popular products, you’ll be able to reach people across America (and across all income levels). Beach towels, beach balls, sunglasses, toys—they’re all fair game!

The reason that dropshipping is so popular with online retailers is that it’s simple: Instead of ordering items from your suppliers yourself and paying the full price when they arrive at your doorstep, you simply select a product on Amazon which already exists on their platform and have them ship it directly.

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