7 Best Product Research Tools for Shopify

Product Research

To determine the right products to sell on your Shopify store, you first need to find out which products will attract customers and make them happy with their purchase. This may sound easy, but when you start looking at thousands of products from hundreds of sellers, it can get quite overwhelming – especially if you’re pressed for time. That’s why it’s so important to find and use the best product research tools available. Here are 7 top Product Research Tools that will help you find your next hot Shopify product idea, faster than ever before!


Product Research

If you’re looking to make sense of in-store customer traffic, Inspectlet is a great place to start. For $9/month, you can analyze each visitor to your site and see what they did on which pages, with their mouse movements and scroll patterns. Armed with that information, you can create better web experiences—and drive more sales. Even if most of your sales come from out-of-town customers or those who don’t visit your physical store, it’s important to know how people are using your website: What pages do they skip? Where do they get confused? With a tool like Inspectlet running in parallel with Google Analytics, you have more complete data about how people are interacting with your brand across all channels.


Product Research

This tool allows you to see exactly how your customers use your website. You can search through their sessions and see which parts of your site they interact with, along with what was going on in their lives at that time (ie: location and browser). This way, you’ll be able to create more customized experiences based on where your traffic is coming from. If people are visiting a particular product page but not checking out, that’s an indicator of either high bounce rates or an expensive shopping cart process – both of which should be explored further. FullStory also helps you understand how a customer-first hears about you, how they engage with you across multiple channels, and why they come back to shop or convert at a later date. [Full Story] [Shopify]

Google Keyword Planner

Product Research

This free Google tool is one of your best tools for identifying good keywords. I’m not talking about super-specific, head-tail long-tail search terms here, but rather general terms that are somewhat related to your products. Take iPhone 7 cases, for example. There is no such thing as an iPhone 7 case, per se; that term encompasses a wide range of products from very cheap (perhaps as low as $3-$5) to very expensive ($60-$200). With Keyword Planner you can look at volume and competition metrics across different price points and identify which one(s) might work best with your target customer demographics.

Secret Sauce 2.0

Product Research

Tool To Find Products To Sell Online: Many e-commerce sellers and Amazon sellers find themselves in a quandary when it comes to choosing a product to sell online. They might have tried market research tools like Google Trends or Jungle Scout, but if they don’t know where to begin, it’s unlikely they will get much useful information out of these tools. This is why secret sauce 2.0 exists – which is an Amazon research tool that works alongside Jungle Scout to help you find winning products on Amazon, which are not just trendy but highly profitable as well. Here is how Secret Sauce 2.0 does that and what you need to know about it.


Product Research

A popular heat map tool that shows where users click and scroll. HotJar will give you stats about where your users are clicking, drop-off rates of forms, and what products get clicks. It also features polls you can use to gain customer insight and surveys. If your store is built on Shopify, you can even link your accounts so HotJar picks up a customer’s history when they come back to your site using their email address. This can help you identify first-time visitors as well as returning customers who may be interested in specific products but aren’t ready to make a purchase just yet.

Awesome Graphs

Product Research

Find products that are performing well in any category on Shopify. Use it to get ideas and competitor research, or check which items are trending. The data visualization is easy to read, making Awesome Graphs great for browsing or getting an overview of what’s hot. It’s also incredibly thorough, showing you not only recent data but also historical trends over time. Plus, you can sort by clicks and sales—or filter out similar products so you don’t get overwhelmed by choices. If a product gets lots of views but doesn’t sell much, it’s worth keeping an eye on in case it changes or is put on sale. Get your online store started with a bit of outside-the-box thinking with Awesome Graphs!

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