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Instagram advertising

While Instagram is part of Facebook, it’s still worth checking out if you’re looking for something other than Facebook advertising.

Instagram advertising through Facebook

Your first option for advertising on Instagram is through Facebook. Although I said on Facebook, it’s officially advertising on Instagram, so I had to include it.

The process is similar to advertising with Facebook Ads, except you choose Instagram Feed instead of Facebook Feed.

So, yes, the ad section is the same, but you will see that a completely different audience is waiting for you on Instagram.

You can see the stats from Facebook here and you can see the stats from Instagram here.

Using these types of statistics, you can see if the advertising platform is matching your target audience.

Boosted Instagram post

An extended Instagram post is basically a normal post that you post on your Instagram account. Then you can promote it. It’s a bit more limited than advertising on Facebook, but it’s also easy. In addition, it is ideal for increasing the speed of organic posts.

If you want to advertise with Instagram but don’t know if you should promote your post or advertise through Facebook, then I suggest advertising through Facebook. You will have more options. Plus, you can use it with your Facebook ads (if you have one).

Instagram Story Ads

Another option to advertise on Instagram is Instagram Story Ads.

I recommend watching the video below to learn how to create your own Instagram Story ad:

You can do the same with Instagram influencers. They will post a video (or photo) of your story as their story!

You can use the swipe-up function from Instagram if they have more than 10,000 followers on their Instagram page.

Growing your dropshipping Instagram account

Now that you’ve set up your dropshipping Instagram account and know what your Instagram feed looks like, it’s time to consider what strategy (or tactics) you should follow to gain more followers. shall be.

Growing by using hashtags

Hashtags are a great way to get more people’s attention! Of course, now people can follow hashtags.

At the time of writing, most hashtags are still at 30.

However, like many things, there is a debate about what the best ratio is.

Are these 1, 4, 11, or at most 30 hashtags?

More Information…..

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