Ten Trending Dropshipping Products to Sell in March

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Dropshipping offers a convenient, efficient, and affordable approach to selling physical products online. Since it doesn’t require you to keep inventory on hand or deal with fulfillment, it allows you to start an eCommerce business fast and get to selling right away! To help you get started with dropshipping, we’ve put together this list of ten trending dropshipping products from AliExpress that you can use in your store today. These items are popular now because they offer unique benefits that customers love and will help you to stand out from the competition by offering something different from what your competitors are selling.

Decorative Alarm Clocks

 Products to Sell in March

People are working longer hours, often outside traditional work hours, so it’s important for busy people to get as much shut-eye as possible. So, why not make your bedroom an oasis of relaxation with a fancy new clock that makes you feel like you’re a jet-setter?

There are many types of decorative alarm clocks out there—from wooden and metal ones to nature-inspired designs. The great thing about these products is that they won’t break your bank account and they have high margins. If you need even more inspiration, browse Etsy or Pinterest for ideas on how you can add a personal touch!

Wooden Metal Pencil Cases

 Products to Sell in March

If you’re familiar with Chinese wholesale sites, you know that wooden pencil cases are one of those products that are always going out of stock. They’re simple and elegant, have multiple uses, and can come with a nice price tag if you manage to get it right.

If dropshipping isn’t your thing, go ahead and buy some wholesale pencil cases from China yourself so that you can sell them at a higher price point – they should be plenty left over after you send your customers their own personalized item! You don’t want to miss out on these as they’ll be popular for years to come!

Notebooks with Cover Patterns

 Products to Sell in March

Many people love patterns and having something with a unique pattern makes it much more likely that they’ll buy it as opposed to something with a boring/plain design. 2. Design lovers (who do tend to purchase a lot of merchandise) like both looking at and purchasing interesting designs, so if you are targeting such individuals, adding patterns will definitely catch their attention.

You could choose vibrant colors that make your notebook stand out or go for earthy tones instead – it’s all up to you! 3. Another thing worth mentioning is that many people don’t like writing on plain pages; they want either graph paper or lined paper – which means you have more options when creating these notebooks!

Typography Decorated Pillows

 Products to Sell in March

Inspired by Scandinavian design, these modern throw pillows are a fun way to bring an artistic flair into your space. You can customize them with any text or graphic you want and they’re easy on your wallet – most only cost $8.50! Pair one of these oversized cushions with a bold graphic tee and a plain white mug for a cozy look that won’t empty your bank account.

Phone Screen Protectors

 Products to Sell in March

Phones are essential, but they can also be fragile. A glass screen protector (or tempered glass) can take a beating and keep your phone looking good, while simultaneously protecting it from falls and other accidents. They come in both privacy and clear varieties and make great gifts for any iPhone user in your life who may need their screens replaced without going through Apple first.

When you buy them directly from a manufacturer, you can often get wholesale deals or even find drop shipping opportunities as well. Add on a few of these screen protectors to your cart every month and don’t be surprised if you break even on them immediately!

Notebook Covers with Zipper Pockets

 Products to Sell in March

People often want to keep their notebooks safe when they’re out and about, which is why more and more notebook covers are coming with zipper pockets that can provide a little extra protection.

These pockets are especially important if you plan on selling popular books or similar products that may be prone to theft—no one wants to show up at school without their journal! Try adding a notebook cover with a zipper pocket to your store today. Your customers will thank you for it.

Multi-functional Key Chain Organizers

 Products to Sell in March

There’s always room for another keychain organizer, especially one that has multiple functions. Key chains are typically overpriced, but you can definitely find some nice leather or mesh models for under $20 each. These organizers make a great gift for any of your friends or family members who own a vehicle.

They also make fantastic stocking stuffers and cheap gifts to give away at corporate events. Because they’re so cheap, it doesn’t hurt if they don’t sell well on Amazon.

Patterned Wall Stickers

 Products to Sell in March

If you’re looking for a niche dropshipping product, why not look at something like wall decals? These are a growing trend for 2017 and have low competition. For inspiration, we recommend looking at Pinterest for beautiful decal ideas; by simply typing in wall decals into Pinterest’s search bar and clicking on one of the first few results, you’ll find a variety of styles that are perfect for an eCommerce store.

The best part is they’re relatively easy to make! They only require simple crafts materials and can be taken care of using an outsourced VA service if you want it done quickly. This makes it a great opportunity for those who are looking to make some quick cash on a budget.

Instagram Photo Frames

 Products to Sell in March

Is Instagram all about taking photos or creating amazing and attention-grabbing visual content? Well, there is one particular product that can help you create eye-catching images on Instagram, which are photo frames. These have become extremely popular among Instagrammers and businesses alike who wish to make their pictures stand out.

While initially started as a hobby for several people, Instagram photo frames have now turned into one of those profitable business ideas that are selling like hotcakes on a daily basis. If you want to be in on the action, just follow these simple steps: 1) Choose your niche 2) Write unique product descriptions 3) Promote your store 4) Get paid

Fashionable Backpacks

 Products to Sell in March

Backpacks are very popular among students as they are an essential and useful item for carrying heavy books around campus. They can also be used as a travel accessory or as a fashion accessory for everyday use. The popularity of backpacks has increased thanks to trends such as athleisure, wearing comfortable clothing that is both stylish and functional has become all the rage.

Aside from being trendy, backpacks are also relatively cheap which makes them perfect for dropshipping products, especially when there’s only one product available per listing. This type of listing is called single SKU listings and they’re becoming more popular with drop shippers because they allow you to sell more products per page while keeping your pricing competitive.

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