What is Shopify 2.0?

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What is Shopify 2.0?

A New Editor

Today we’re going to go over online store 2.0. what is it what can you do with it and I’m going to show you the only free theme right now that supports it let’s get started online store 2.0 opens up massive opportunities for online store owners building on it. Shopify they’ve rebuilt the online store experience from the ground up and are introducing a new set of tools to help you create amazing experiences for shoppers number one is the new editor new features in the online store 2.0 start with a fresh new editing experience you may have seen this already the new editor makes it really simple for merchants to build storefronts from scratch add various theme extensions and manage apps within themes the idea with the new editor was to centralize all available features and functionalities. we’ll be showing you a little bit of how that looks here towards the end but before we move on just want to say.

Sections are everywhere

up until now, merchants have been limited in how they represent their business on Shopify with the flexibility of sections being limited to only the home page code edits and elaborate workarounds with blocks custom apps, etc you were able to achieve a similar effect across other pages that all changes with sections on every page now merchants can add sections to all pages, not just the homepage unlocking a range of new opportunities to personalize every aspect of a store now don’t forget towards the end of the video I’m going to show you the only free theme that supports os 2.0 and some of the things that we’re talking about right now another great feature is.

Theme app extensions

with the app, blocks represent a radical change in the way apps are included inside themes app developers can now build UI components that can be added and removed or configured directly through the theme editor without having to touch the code or anything like that this means that uninstalls are also cleaner and the code will be automatically removed which is really really nice now another great feature of 2.0 is the ability to hit that like button and makes us very happy all jokes aside uh the next uh big thing is they’ve added

Improvements to meta fields

so you guys will be able to addexactly the content that you need to the product page like introducing a space for buyers to include a size chart or an ingredient list etc we’ve actually made a video on this topic you can check it out right here now before I show you the only free theme with os 2.0 I want to tell you about our free master class trainingthat will walk you through the five pillars that must be in place for your online store to scale consistently and profitably no matter.

Shopify 2.0 Walk Through

all right let’s go check out the store all right so here we have our own theme we’re actually in our totally 90s kids tore we’ve added the dawn theme which is the only free theme right now that supports os 2.0 there may be some new ones in the future but again this is the only free one that Shopify gives you so if right now you’re using a free theme that’s maybe some of the old ones you definitely want to upgrade to dawn and make some changes around your store so that it supports some of the latest technology and some of the things that we were talking about earlier so as you can see the editing of the theme is going to be a little bit different so on the left-hand side you’ll see that this looks a little bit different from before thinking a major difference here is that it breaks down a little bit more of the components of each section right within here instead of having to click on it to then see the settings

which you can still do you can still click on image banners and it gives you additional settings but then it gives you some of the elements that are inside of that image banner you can see the heading and then some of the buttons in here so you have more granular control of your actual store now some of the things that we talked about for example if now all these adding blocks and adding section was only available for the homepage but now you can actually do it for any page so if we go to the page and let’s just say like the contact page inside of the contact page as you can see now we have added a section so we can actually add blog posts a collage collection we can add the product to the contact page if we wanted to show more and this theme actually supports a lot of different things interest

that’s actually really really cool now depending on the types of apps that you have and if the developers have updated the apps to support this already you will see if you can see at the very bottom here the section says apps so this will show you soi think a good example and let me see I may have we may have it installed in here so let’s go to the product page and I’ll be able to show you um what this might look like, for example, the product information here now is breaking down into

all the different sections in here so we can actually move some stuff around if we want to move the pricing to be a little bit lower or closer to the at the car button we can do that by just let’s see grabbing the price and then moving it right here so you see how the price shows up right above the add to cart button but more importantly, we can for example if we add the reviews app we can actually select where those reviews actually go into so let me see okay so we yeah we technically don thave it but if we added the reviews app in here it will show up right here and we will be able to add that block inhere and we’ll be able to select exactly where it goes whereas before you have to go and do that through code and pick and choose and copy and paste the code in different spots refresh the page to see where it would actually land so a lot of different cool features again if you do not have this dawn free theme and you’re using a free…

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