What Is Squarespace?

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What Is Squarespace?

What Is Squarespace?

Then’s what I would say if I was describing Squarespace to a friend over coffee. It has An easy-to-use drag and drops runner editor.
Beautiful, customizable templates.
An each-purpose website builder that can power a variety of websites.
The third point is especially important when comparing Squarespace to Shopify — because Shopify only powers e-commerce websites while Squarespace powers a variety of websites.

A Squarespace website can be an online store but it can also be a church website, a portfolio, a blog a marriage website, and further

The Squarespace editor.

1. Content Blocks

There are a wide selection of content blocks to add to runners — forms, charts, eatery menus, buttons, audio players, print galleries, maps, and a bunch more

2. Sections

Sections Mound vertically on your website and contain content blocks.

While you can produce a section from scrape, you can also choose from a library ofpre-designed sections

Choosing from pre-designed sections.

3. Squarespace Templates

Squarespace is known for beautiful templates. They’ve around 70 beautiful, ultramodern website templates.

I suppose they have the stylish templates of any website builder — which is private, but not as private as some people suppose.

The 'Beaumont' template.

4. It’s Easy To Customize Squarespace Templates

It’s really easy to customize Squarespace templates. For illustration, to change your website colors you just edit this Color PaletteThis color palette automatically applies across your entire website.

So what happens if you don’t like how the color is applied? While Squarespace lets make you those specific changes too — if you want to

Don't like how a color was applied? Squarespace also let's choose specifically how colors are applied.

5. Squarespace Ecommerce

If you’re choosing between Squarespace and Shopify you’re likely wondering about eCommerce.

I choose Squarespace for small stores — Squarespace has further than enough eCommerce features (subscription payments, custom announcements, levies, dispatching integrations, digital products, etc.) to power a small store.
That being said, Squarespace isn’t (and likely noway be) as important as Shopify. And that’s by design Squarespace is for all kinds of websites and Shopify is just for eCommerce websites. So Shopify will always have further features.

I use Squarespace for small stores— like this one.

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