How to hide your Instagram followers

hide instagram followers

I’m sure there are plenty of Instagram users out there who don’t want people to know how many followers they have, whether it’s because they’re trying to keep their account more private or because they want to get more followers without looking like they’re doing it in an underhanded way. Regardless of your reasons, you can hide your Instagram followers by following these simple steps.

Open Instagram

Before you start adding other people and gaining a following, it’s important to know how many people are already following you. Open up Instagram on your phone, tap on a home in the top left-hand corner, then tap on followers. Once you’re there, scroll down until you see a number next to the people they follow.

You might be surprised! But don’t worry – anybody can see how many people are following you unless they go through Instagram’s official app or web interface (and hopefully not even then). If that number is higher than you expected, don’t panic: there’s no reason for it to change if those accounts aren’t commenting or otherwise engaging with what you post.

Tap the profile icon

Once you’re viewing a profile, tap on their name. You’ll then see Followers you don’t follow at the top of their profile. Click on it, and hit Hide followers. It might take Instagram a few days to fully implement it, but in time all those ghost followers will be gone! Easy peasy!

Go to followers

Your profile page, underneath your cover photo and information, will show you all of your Instagram followers. This can be sorted by most recent likes and comments or by the most recent followers. However, for a more detailed look at who exactly is following you (and their location), it’s best to go straight to follower view.

Click on followers in the top right corner of your account page and you will then see a full list of all people who have chosen to follow you.

Delete Following List

If you’re posting photos with lots of interaction, and consequently are collecting a slew of new followers, it might be annoying for you to have that list constantly refreshed on your follow page. Here’s a quick way to remove that list of people you aren’t following back: Go into your profile on Instagram by clicking on your account at the top right-hand corner of your screen.

On that page, look directly below where it says Following. You will see a button labeled Following – x people. Click that button and it will take you directly to a screen where you can choose whether or not you want those accounts appearing in your following list.

Exit and Enjoy (your new, clean profile!)

If you don’t want to see who you follow and wish they wouldn’t know that you follow them, here are a few tips. You can leave a comment on someone’s photos or even send them an email saying that you have decided not to follow them anymore, in case they thought it was something personal.

If you want an easier way out of it, there is also an option for removing it all at once by visiting Unfollowgram and opting for their free service. The tool only works on mobile devices but offers a clean way out of unwanted following situations.

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