5+ Shopify must have the best apps in 2021

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PushOwl Web Push Notification

About PushOwl Web Push Notification

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Gather unlimited subscribers and send 500 notifications per month! PushOwl goes straight to work, no setup or code changes

Upgrade with our 14 day free trial, free initial offer or Corona special offer (free for eligible companies)

PushOwl – the application with the top web notifications for push

Web push notifications make it easy to return an abandoned shopping cart: Personal information such as an email address or phone number is no longer needed to restore an order. Reach your customers with a series of automated push notifications that automatically take them back to their shopping cart.

Important customer service

Find us on the chat dashboard! Our proactive customer support team is committed to making you successful with online notifications. For no other reason, PushOwl is Shopify’s top rated app on the App Store. We help young brands get started for free, enable companies to scale with impressive push campaigns and powerful automation, and a large store for companies that sends more than 1 million notifications every day.

You need a strategy to recover the abandoned stroller

Reach people who left the shopping cart without email or SMS – send push notifications. Web submission notifications are sent via the browser and only require your (potential) customer to use Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Edge, or similar. No mobile app required! You can edit the sequence of these 3 reminders to correct the time/text or add a coupon code.

Web push is a new technology and a marketing channel in itself

You can greet visitors on desktop and mobile (Android) by sending them a notification after they leave your store (forward). As with email marketing, you build a subscriber list that only you have to offer. This has led to the network pushing for highly effective moving solutions, especially for regulated industries such as CBD, healthcare, and adults

Made for the Shopify Plus Scale

The company store hired an account manager to develop a custom push notification strategy. Create automated workflows via Shopify Flow (behavioral alerts) and use complex customer segmentation. Free Migration Support: Import your existing customers from Firepush / Aimtell / Hextom / iZooto / OneSignal.

Sales and Marketing Automation

Automatic web push notifications: * Abandoned basket reminders * Abortion overview * Markdown * Re-stock * Shipping * Welcome

Advanced features

  • Segmentation generator
  • Custom reporting
  • Optimized delivery time (behavior)
  • Express Sales (Expiration Date)
  • Synchronize participant data
  • Personalized notifications

Connect with the top-rated Shopify app

  • See Push – Loox, Stamped.io, Judgment
  • Fera – Social Proof and Timer
  • Wishlist – Growave (formerly SocialShopWave)
  • Now available again, Appikon Recovery Alerts
  • Alloy automation
  • Goals without heads
  • Edjemesh

Overall rating 5.0

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Oberlo ‑ Dropshipping App

About Oberlo ‑ Dropshipping App

The background noise, passionate projects, full-time career – Oberlo is a tool with which to start a company and develop it further. Free.

More than 100 million products have been sold using the Oberlo dropshipping app. Think of this as a virtual warehouse lock with products from thousands of vendors. Electronics, fashion, beauty, toys. You name it, you can find it.

With just a few clicks, Oberlo’s dropshipping app allows you to collect your items, customize the details and then download them to your online shop ready to sell.

Don’t worry about packaging or shipping. Spend your energy selling and growing your business.

How Oberlo helps you win:

Learn to fall

Don’t know about running a dropshipping business? No drama. We’ll show you how. Dropshipping 101 is your ultimate course in building an online store from scratch. Free for all members.

Get started for free

Get the tools and tricks you need to start your own dropshipping business online. No credit card required.

Strong product data

Find new stars, high potential products, and hidden gems. Oberlo’s data will help you improve your product hunting instincts and find your formula for product dropshipping success.

Free Chrome Extension

Add AliExpress products to your dropshipping shop in just a few clicks.

24/7 customer support

Have questions about running a dropshipping business? Are you having trouble tracking your order? Tips for contacting suppliers? Ask us anything at any time.

Available in 6 languages

Use Oberlo in English, French, Spanish, Italian, German, or Brazilian Portuguese.

Automatic inventory and price updates

Stock levels and prices are automatically updated in real-time. Don’t worry about selling.

Group orders

Starting an online dropshipping store is not easy. However, automating group orders and executing multiple orders with one click is a sure thing.

Order tracking in real time

Take full control of your orders. They won’t send or process them, but you will know their status at all times.

Mapping options

Select the options you want from multiple vendors, regardless of product.

Customize your ad

Manually select your product photos, edit product descriptions and titles, and give your shop a personalized feel to keep customers happy again.

Partnership program

Get a commission for every product you sell on Oberlo with your Admitad ID.

CAPTCHA solver

Automatic CAPTCHA decision-makers save time and energy when executing large orders. This gives you more time to generate more sales.

Many users

There is power in numbers. Add multiple users to your online store – great when you’re ready to grow your business.

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Return Magic

About Return Magic

Return the solution with the highest ranking. Eliminates the pain of returns for both merchants and buyers.
Why restore miracles?

  • Create your own branded return portal. Customize colors, text and CSS.
  • Choose between refunds using the original payment method, refunds for gift cards, or exchanges for maximum convenience.
  • Increase gift card refunds and improve your cash flow.
  • Translate into your national language / support multilingual (beta).
  • Create smart rules to protect profits.
  • Get useful statistics with advanced analysis (beta).

How does Return Magic work?

Return Magic integrates with your Shopify or Shopify Plus store to create seamless returns for your customers. Return Magic allows you to easily return, exchange, or return a new gift card for your customer’s original payment method (including Amazon Payments, Shopify Payments, etc.). But don’t worry: Return Magic doesn’t automatically restore your customers, you always have to approve of every transaction!

How does Return Magic affect the appearance of your shop?

Return Magic creates a return portal to your business that is on your own domain. The return portal is automatically branded in your store and can be seamlessly integrated. The application has no effect on your business operations.

How do I get started with Return Magic?

Our promise? In less than 10 minutes, you can offer your customers a magical returning experience. Merchants save a lot of time by simplifying and automating the return process.

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Seguno: Email Marketing

About Seguno: Email Marketing

Create, manage, and track your email marketing – without leaving Shopify.

Segundo is the single best email solution tailor-made for Shopify. Managing a business means that time is your most valuable asset. Other email marketing applications that cater to corporate trading or merchant platforms will slow you down. Segundo was made to save you time.

Latest features

  • Design with Canva in Seguno
  • Custom email templates for newsletters and automating lots of emails!
  • Automate emails with product review requests! If you use Shopify Product Reviews, you can enter product reviews in your email. And add a live countdown GIF to increase conversions!
  • Work with Marketing and the Shopify Kit! Create an email in a multi-channel campaign on the Marketing tab. And create automatic customer activation machines for wholesale customers, VIPs, etc.

Made for Shopify

We know Shopify is the center of your universe, and we want to keep it that way:

  • Whether you live on the Shopify administrator or the Shopify mobile app, Segundo lives there too. No other application has integrated so seamlessly that you will love this experience.
  • Your data stays with Shopify, so it’s always up to date when you need it and you can use collections, customer groups, and discounts you never dreamed of.
  • The Shopify conversion detail report shows you how many sales were generated from our emails so you don’t have to. Trust the source.

Made for you

Segundo is for a small team with big ambitions and we:

  1. Make things easy to save time
  2. Maximize customer life value to grow
  3. Integrate deeper and use Shopify progress faster to deliver a magical experience


Pre-built automatic touchpoint library that you activate with one click:

  • Coming Soon – Get excited about your upcoming customer deal before you get started.
  • Welcome – Greet new customers and introduce them to your brand.
  • Discount Reminder – Remind customers of an ending discount.
  • Payment Abandoned – Refunds a customer who left a purchase.
  • New Buyers – Thanks to customers after their first purchase.
  • Buybacks – Thanks again to the customer after their second purchase.
  • Request a Review – Ask customers to review recently purchased products.
  • Purchased Buyers – win back customers who recently purchased.

Shows highlights

  • Discounts – In addition to using a unique code, product prices, discount details, and links (all automatically apply a discount) are set automatically.
  • Reporting – Integrated with all Shopify marketing reports, you can view conversion details in real-time for orders and in detailed reports for each newsletter and automation.
  • Templates – A large library of email templates that you can choose from and create your own.

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Smile: Rewards & Loyalty

About Smile: Rewards & Loyalty

40,000+ Shopify brands have discovered accomplishment with Smile’s anything but difficult to-construct faithfulness stage, making us the most confided in remunerations application on the planet

Join a large number of Shopify stores in getting a good deal on costly and capricious advertisements. All things considered, help deals from your current client base through references, intelligent pop ups, focuses, missions, and that’s just the beginning!

Fabricate a drawing in and current prizes program experience that consistently lines up with your current image.

Assemble an incredible prizes program to develop your business

A Smile unwaveringness program gives your clients admittance to selective advantages, alluring limits, and a pleasant method to draw in with your image each time they sign in to your store.

Dependability focuses program

  • Acquire focuses for activities like making a client account, submitting a request, commending birthday events, or leaving surveys
  • Make direness with extra focuses and focuses expiry crusades
  • Save deserted trucks and welcome clients back with focuses updates
  • Clients can reclaim focuses for coupon codes or unconditional presents at checkout

Reference program

  • Make social verification with informal promoting
  • Urge clients to allude a companion utilizing customized outside references through pop-ups and messages
  • Effectively screen reference traffic and deals with an in-application investigation

Celebrity program

  • Fortify client maintenance with VIP statuses and advantages
  • Upsell clients to advance towards VIP levels

An eye-getting spring up remunerations board that is anything but difficult to modify

Give your clients a wonderfully marked prizes program insight from their first visit to your store right to checkout.

  • A connecting with remunerations catch and spring up a board that lives directly on your store makes email catch and acquiring new individuals simple
  • Match your store configuration: add logos, pennant pictures, progressed shading choices, and the sky is the limit from there!

Dispatch your program in under a day and begin for nothing!

Beginning with Smile rewards is simple, quick, and energizing. The majority of our clients can get their prizes program arranged, planned, and dispatched on their Shopify store in under a day.

Customization requires minutes with our instinctive UI, with 0 coding abilities required

day in and day out email and online client care accessible on paid plans

Admittance to many supportive Smile assets to help program achievement

A single tick mixes with top tier applications like:

Klaviyo, Mailchimp, Omnisend, Loox, Judge.me, Privy, PushOwl, ReCharge, Gorgias, and then some!

Development happens together! Grin is independent company well disposed, which means you can gain admittance to our amazing unwaveringness focuses program, references, and basic plan customizations on our free arrangement.

Join the world’s best brands utilizing Smile.io today!

(Grin is accessible in English, French, Spanish, German, and Portuguese)

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