best apps for orders and shipping in Shopify

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best apps for orders and shipping in Shopify

Order Management Live Tracker

(best apps for orders and shipping in Shopify)

About Order Management Live Tracker

Track order preparation status or current delivery status without manual communication and paper receipts

The main advantage

  • Monitor the status of order preparation in the restaurant kitchen. Avoid skipping and delaying orders.
  • Track orders being packed in remote warehouses. Avoid manual communication and email between people.
  • Allow suppliers to have a list of orders prior to the delivery date on their phones. Avoid manually printing or writing predefined shipping lists.
  • Monitor the status of multiple devices simultaneously, eg. B. desktop computer, tablet, or cell phone.
  • Set an alarm to receive notification of new orders.
  • Moves the order to a new, ongoing, completed, and completed status.

Suitable for

  1. Restaurant
  2. Warehouse
  3. Supply oriented business
Overall rating 5.0

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Order Export Pro

About Order Export Pro

Export the required order information

Order Export Pro allows you to export custom data. You can create as many columns as you want and export the work to Excel in the format you created.

For example, you can enter only the following data for export jobs:

  • Order number and / or order number;
  • Ordered items (with all necessary information such as item number, quantity, price, etc.);
  • All execution data (such as tracking number, tracking URL, execution status, etc.);
  • Customer information (such as name, email address, billing and shipping address, etc.);
  • Target website / url reference (useful for marketing and analytics);
  • ..and much more!

If you need assistance with application settings, please contact our support. We’re here to help!

Please note: We maintain the security and confidentiality of your data. For this reason, we do not store financial or other information about your order. All order data is loaded “on the go” directly from the Shopify API.

Application function:

  • Create unlimited fields of custom order information.
  • Export work to Excel in the same format.
  • Print (or export as PDF) orders in the format you created.
  • Highly customizable and sophisticated settings;
  • Export orders from the Shopify Orders screen.

With the help of this application, you can increase your productivity and save a lot of time processing and executing orders.

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Exportible ‑ Order Export

About Exportible ‑ Order Export

The best application for exporting custom order reports

Exportable are used by hundreds of shops to export orders to suppliers, distributors or warehouses.

Exportible takes the latest orders from your online shop, formats them in a CSV or XLSX file, then uploads them to your supplier, shipper, shipper or warehouse.

New: Filter the order risk reports (low, medium, high).
Source Type:

  • FTP
  • SFTP
  • FTP with TLS
  • Email
  • Google Sheet
  • Poor integration

By integrating a business with a supplier, supplier or warehouse. Every new order is automatically exported to other countries. Exportibles reduce manual work and ensure accurate ordering processes.

You can set a schedule so that Exportible can be automatically exported according to the frequency of your schedule.

Export your order via:

  • order status
  • Execution status
  • Financial status
  • Additional filters

Configure how you want the report to look by selecting the fields to include in the export file.

  • Select / deactivate the specified order fields
  • Add static fields
  • Make multiple data exports
  • Merge multiple fields
  • Add custom formatting to individual fields
  • Add tags to exported orders
  • Time to receive export orders and date of delivery
  • Order risk report filters (low, medium, high).

Export orders from the Shopify administration page using Exportable

  • Choose individual orders
  • Select multiple orders via group action
  • Choose to download or export according to the data file settings
Overall rating 4.7

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Ordersify: Order Exporter

About Ordersify: Order Exporter

Why choose Ordersify?
One of the most important parts of an order automation workflow is exporting orders. If you choose Orderify Order Exporters, our app will help you automatically and easily export orders from the Shopify Admin and import / upload them to your suppliers, suppliers, shippers, or warehouse via email, FTP, Google Sheet, or SFTP.

Fully customizable template
You can easily create templates and customize header, data format, currency format, and options to export your files by dragging n drop feature.

Exports hourly, every day
The order exporter manages export orders by the hour of each day using crontab terms. It’s easy to adjust your export timing.

Export by event

To diversify supports the export of event orders: orders placed, orders executed, orders canceled and orders paid.

Supports email / FTP / SFTP etc.

You can easily export the report files for your orders to multiple customers such as email, FTP, and SFTP by configuring server information in our application.

Support for Excel, CSV

Order supports customizing file types for export: XLS, CSV, XSLS, and more.

Store the liquid in the template

The fluid is a programming language familiar to Shopify. In the template, you can also adjust header and header values ​​by combining job properties and operators with Liquid.

Support effectively

If you need help setting up or customizing your template, check out the FAQ or contact us 24/7 via the live chat in the app or support email.

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