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About Foodlify

  • Installation

The application does not require any changes in the topic code. All you have to do is create a page from the grocery menu in the app admin area and add a menu link to your shop page, that’s all! Please visit our FAQ for more information

  • Application not working after installation?

If you find that the app is not working as expected after installing it, please contact us and our team will take the necessary steps.


  • An easier and faster way to order in the online store for customers.
  • Great app for wholesale buyers.
  • Accordion view.
  • Add multiple products to a shopping cart on one side with a fun effect.
  • Display name, image, price, quantity, and description.
  • Product preview with description. # Administrator function
  • Option to customize the front end design of the application
  • Option to select multiple collections with menu titles and labels. Menu markers are generated automatically.
  • Shop owners can create several grocery menus in the shop by creating different pages. Just add the page title, menu, and fields on the page.
  • The page title color, menu title color, menu title background color, and menu title alignment can be set in the application administration area.
  • Accordion border size, frame color, title background color, title background color, accordion body color, and accordion text color can be customized.
  • Show or hide product images.
  • Upload options for the mini shopping cart icon and shopping cart text color can be changed.
  • In the “Product Appearance” section, the shop owner can customize the background color from the option drop-down menu, the options drop-down menu background color, the set background color, the rotating device background color, and the rotating device background color. Rotating device background, “Add to Cart” button background color, and “Add” button background color in the “Add” button shopping cart.
  • Advanced users can use a Custom Cascading Style Sheet (CSS). # WE HAVE THE FOLLOWING AMAZING APPLICATIONS FOR YOUR STORE
  • MailChimp Custom Popups
  • GetResponse custom popup
  • Special pop up
  • A permanent pop-up window from ConstantContact
  • Product options and customizers
  • Fast order # Do you need a special development or design? We can help! Our services include custom setup, development, design, illustration, and applications. We’ve worked with hundreds of shops. You can check our expert profiles on the Shopify Experts website by searching for SolverCircle. Contact us for any type of support or service.

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ROLO ‑ Restaurant Ordering

About ROLO ‑ Restaurant Ordering

When ordering restaurants online, restaurants can create online order menus that are easy to update and manage. We optimize product creations and modifiers so that they can be ordered easily and confidently from restaurant guests.

Restaurants can use the Restaurant Dashboard application to easily receive order status and communicate with their guests.

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Elfsight Restaurant Menu

About Elfsight Restaurant Menu

Easy-to-manage application tools allow you to view meal and drink options directly on your website. It’s a great way to tell your customers about your diversity, showcase unique concepts, and grab their attention with eye-catching food images. Clinging is very convenient. Thanks to this, you can serve an unlimited number of menus with a wide variety of elements. Or just show me a short list of the dishes you’re serving. Choose a light, dark scheme, or customize your preferred settings by changing all the accent colors. The biggest advantage of this widget is that it is always up-to-date. You can update prices, list items, add new dishes or even one-click menus! Create your own awesome menu now!

With the help of a restaurant menu application, you can change prices and add seasonal dishes to your website with just a few clicks. Inspire website visitors to become your guests and try delicious food or drinks at your restaurant.

Create complex menus in just a few clicks

It doesn’t matter if you own a vegan cafe or Irish pub. Embedding menus on your website is no longer a problem. Add a shortlist of different types of dishes broken into sections or even a series of specific menus. Choose the right menu layout and create stunning menus with as much detail as you want: photos, prices, labels, nutritional information, and many other settings.

An informative and lively approach to showing diversity

Restaurant menus can be easily customized and updated at any time. Set up proper layouts for menus and sections, and present your mouthwatering specials with flavorful descriptions in a practical and easy to read way.

Introduce the uniqueness of your kitchen

What should you look for when creating a menu for your site? Your food and drink of course! Pictures of spectacular dishes, “delicious” inscriptions, practical information for your customers: information about the ingredients and components of allergies, provided by 20 symbols. Let your potential customers experience the unique taste of each food and don’t miss the opportunity to try them out in your restaurant or cafe!

Let your menu be modern and attractive

Create stylish menus with various styling tools to show that your status is easier than ever. With our editor, you don’t need any design knowledge. Just make it yourself in a few clicks. It’s easy to build and highly customizable for mobile devices.

Haven’t you seen this widget live yet? Let’s do it directly on the Shopify restaurant menu page!


Start a chat with the service team and they will respond quickly with professional help. We work Monday to Friday from 10:00 am to 7:00 pm. CET. We do everything for our users and want to be of use to them!

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