The Top 5 mobile app for Shopify Every Store Needs

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What’s going on. Today I’ll be showing you my top five Shopify apps every store needs. Hey, guys, today I’ll be showing you the top five Shopify apps that you need on your store. If you decide that you would like to have your store taken off your hands so you can focus on the business. These are just five apps that we think every store should have. And we’re going to give you specific apps for some of these. But they are a ton of different options out there. So if you find that maybe the one that we’re recommending is not the best for you and your particular store, then definitely just do a quick search on Shopify and find the one that works for you. Alright. Let’s get into it.

The first one that we’re going to talk about is Sumo. Now, you can find that sumo. come with Noah Kagan. He actually created this app and it’s an excellent plug-in for Shopify. It allows you to reduce cart abandonment. It increases the average order of your values by just providing simple sections on your website or even pop-ups. You can collect e-mail addresses and give out unique discounts to people going into your store. So Sumo is an excellent tool to increase conversions. And just add more to your average order value. They do have a free plan available, but they also have a pro account, which you can get for. Thirty-nine dollars a month is paid annually.

The second app we’re going to talk about today is bold Upsell. And again, there are multiple upsell options out there. But we think that bold upsell has some of the best features and excellent customer support. What upsell allows you to do is what any other store in the world is already doing. Even McDonald’s down the road, right? They always ask you, do you want to supersize this meal? Do you want to make it larger? This is it gives you the exact same customer navigation process where someone adds a particular item to their cart. And you can upsell them with something that is similar or maybe in the same category or that product compliments, right? this other product. It has a lot of different features where you can add upsells to your product page, your cart page, and different pages. Even on your home page, you could add the ability to upsell our products. Now, bold upsell doesn’t have a free account, but it starts from nine ninety-nine all the way up to eighty-nine ninety-nine. Depending on your store, and your wants, and needs.


Number three is going to be an SEO tool.I would obviously always recommend that you increase your speed on your website. And one of the easiest ways that you could do this is by optimizing your images so you can definitely check out SEO Image Optimizer. This allows you to almost automatically condense some of your images, some of your product images, some of the images that you’re using on carousels or sliders or hero sections. And it’s just an excellent tool to have at your disposal.Right.If you don’t do the SEO image optimizer, I would definitely recommend that you look into just SEO and look for apps that will help you rank higher in Google by just optimizing your store. This is something that a lot of people don’t do with their stores. It’s kind of neglect the SEO aspect, but it will help you tremendously. And like I said, the lowest hanging fruit is those images. A lot of people don’t realize that the size of the images that you upload to your store matter. So SEO image optimizer allows you to quickly and easily condense those images on your store. They do have a free plan, but they also have some paid plans available.

Seo Image Optimizer

Number four, it’s going to be something that, again, some people neglect or maybe done think about when they’re building their store. It’s going to be AfterShip.Aftership takes care of after the sale. Right. So after the sale, you want to make sure that you’re sending emails and then you’re sending reminders of their tracking number. Right. And not just a tracking number, but with AfterShip, you create your own page, your own dedicated page, where on the email the click on that and we’ll take him to his page where you give them updates on where their product is currently at. So I think this is highly, highly important and something that will sort of put you in a different category. Right. From other stores, stores that are doing this truly care about the customer experience and the customer journey. And it doesn’t stop after they just purchase. You had to go above and beyond that. Right. So AfterShip takes care of that. And it’s a pretty cool app. They do have a free plan available. And then after that, they range from nine dollars all the way to a thousand dollars. Depends on, again, the wants and needs of your store. And lastly,


number five, we have actually don’t have to astrict recommendations. But I would say that you need Chat App, right? There are things like Tidio live chat. You can also integrate WhatsApp chat. You can also include your Facebook as your live chat option. Those are all three really good options as far as having that functionality on your website. Again, some of them are going to give you better features. Facebook is going to be the free one that you can just add pretty easily to your store. And all the people that write to you there will just go into your Facebook page. But obviously, you don’t have as many features or automatic responses to things like that. You have some ability to do that, but not as extensive as something like Tidio or the WhatsApp chat. The chat allows you to just quickly message people back and forth. You have any questions regarding your products, or your services, or shipping, or taxes, or anything like that, and you’re able to just quickly answer their questions. And that’s part of the again, the customer service and customer journey. So it’s important that you have something in place where they’re able to just communicate with you pretty easily. Alright. And there you have it.

Chat App

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