Top 3 Apps to add Instagram feed section in Shopify store

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Instagram Feed & Slider Pro

About Instagram Feed & Slider Pro

  • Compatible with Instagram / Facebook Graphics API.

Show your pictures with our app on the Instagram feed with a slider or grid style of your business in front of you

You can create sections for your topic editor and drag and drop the Instagram feeder to place it where you want it. New functions have been added

You can now see your likes and comments when applying images (this only works if you select the option to log in to Facebook in the app).
New options for image retention have been added. So, if you migrate from Instagram to our app for your theme, you will not lose your current layout.
A direct post link option has been added so you can avoid pop-ups and go straight to your Instagram posts.

3 Easy Steps to Show Your Instagram Feed on Your Store

  1. Connect your Instagram account by simply logging in.
  2. One-click installation on the homepage or on a separate page.
  3. Customize the look to suit your business.
  • Responsive gallery

Our application is fully customizable to meet your needs and business. This app responds to all devices and screen sizes. No coding required.

The steps above are smooth and organized with just a few clicks.

The main advantage of using our application

  • This application allows you to view pictures and videos from your Instagram account in your store.
  • This can increase your followers
  • It automatically supports updates and displays real-time content on your store.
  • The app displays likes and comments so subscribers can learn more about your posts.
  • Sliders that can be rotated automatically.
  • Fully customizable to your business theme
  • Impress your customers with seamless integration and gallery views.

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InstaPic Instagram Feed ‑ Photo Gallery

About Instagram Feed ‑ Photo Gallery

InstaPics Instagram Feed App & Gallery – With new updated API

Turn online buyers and visitors into Instagram followers and subscribers

  • Present your event with a professional design and multiple gallery layouts

Choose from a variety of preset templates to display your Instagram feed photos on your home page, product page and more. See your photos stand out and grab the attention of buyers.

The Instagram feed is a great way to engage your followers and connect with new visitors to exploring your brand.

  • Make your Instagram feed interactive

This app syncs with your Instagram account in real-time to ensure that the photos displayed on your store are the most recent

Apart from photos, you can also use them to view and play videos on Instafeed.

  • Tell your brand story and showcase user generated content

Embed your feed on any page on your site – your homepage, product page, blog, or even a third-party site. All you have to do is use the default code provided by the application.

Use your feed to share brand history and customer testimonials (social proof), help customers visualize how they look, and find more products in your store. Increase your customer engagement and sales in no time!

  • Simply adapted to your business theme

We make sure that your Instagram theme grabs attention and stays true to the overall picture of your Shopify store.

Customize your feed to match your brand by updating the feed colors and changing the pop-up style in the app settings.

  • Basic functions
  • Fully customizable
  • Amazing ready-to-use templates for galleries
  • Image and video support
  • Show/hide likes and comments for posts
  • Compatible with all themes and devices
  • Automatic feed updates
  • Does not affect page speed
  • Easy adjustment
  • Get started in a few minutes

Connect your Instagram account to the application with just a few clicks. With a one-click installation system, you can add feeds to any page in your store – anywhere you want!

  • Free support – we’ve got you covered!

Our success is in your hands. For this reason, our support team is always available to help you customize the Instagram feed application or its appearance according to the topic.

We have to use the live chat to reach us or simply contact us via the support section of the app.

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Instagram Feed + Photo Gallery

About Instagram Feed + Photo Gallery

  • Encourage desire. Sales increase.

Covet. pics have all your gallery needs: shopping, scalability, and easy sorting. Add product and lifestyle photos in which you invest, and focus carefully on conversions.

  • Gallery for sale

Keep the visitors’ attention. Get them bought directly from the ambitious gallery that attracts them. Reduce purchase time and avoid redirects to product pages. The Covet. pics “Buy” button will display the product variant (if any) and sell it immediately

  • Product Gallery

Product-specific galleries are created automatically when you label products. Embed them in product page templates and showcase your products in an authentic promotion. If a product doesn’t have a photo in your gallery, the app won’t appear on the product page.

  • Photo review

Invite users to upload their own photos. Automate post-purchase email campaigns and track which shoppers have finished uploading, approved their photos for the gallery, and rewarded them with discounts.

If you request a photo of all your visitors directly in the gallery, the app will open a simple pop-up to upload. Start a photo contest and combine it with your Instagram hashtag for the contest.

  • Upload manual

Upload photos manually to enrich your Instagram feed, or create a fully-featured gallery or booklet. Upload hundreds of files in batches and view the seasonal collections page. Select gallery and great sliders from the home page. Create a large press gallery by changing thumbnails.

  • Application

Take control of all your galleries anywhere, anytime. Stay up to date with all of your customers’ photo requests, moderate your feed, and tag products in new posts, all from your phone. will save you time in selecting galleries.

  • Analysis

Analyze gallery conversions, direct purchases, and popup engagements, and customize your social and visual marketing strategies. A / B tests various feeds and gallery layouts. Repeat successful customer photo contests. Find your potential buyer influence from bestselling publications

  • Don’t worry, we have you

Space Squirrel is committed to building powerful, affordable, and easy-to-use Shopify apps. If you’ve stayed before, scaled up, or just wanted to ask us something, feel free to contact us. We offer 5-star support from Shopify, and we’re always excited to hear from you.

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