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If your business offers products in a wide range of colors, color swatching(color swatches apps.) is extremely important.

With a visual aid, you can allow your customer to see various shades, tints, gradients, and patterns, thereby assisting in the decision-making process.

Finding a good color swatch app can be difficult, so we compiled this list for you. By examining Shopify app store ratings, a number of reviews, and the apps’ best features, we selected the best color swatches apps.

Variant Option Product Options

Variant Option Product Options

Compatible with Online Store 2.0 Themes

Give your guests a stylish shopping experience with better usability and bold product options.

Use our product options app to style the options you created in Shopify, or add unlimited customizations & options to customize your products and vend further.
Preliminarily known as Stylish Custom Product Options & Variant Custom Product Options


  • Price Add- ons- Add redundant prices for all your product variants, values, & options.
  • Tentative sense- Display product options when your client needs them, not when they don’t.
  • Epitomize your products with custom text boxes, image/ train uploads, radio buttons, checkboxes, image/ colour tapes, and more.
  • Global Settings- Set up global options settings for all your products.

Unlimited Product Options:

  • buttons
  • color swatches
  • image swatches
  • radio buttons
  • checkboxes
  • text boxes (single and multiline)
  • upload image/ file
  • grid option for prescription lenses

Styled to your Theme w/No Coding Required

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Variants Options, Color Swatch

Variant Options Swatch King is a one-stop result for all problems related to traditional option pickers. Then are some” Noway Before Seen in Swatch”features of the app (color swatches apps)

Automated variant image belt
Replace boring product options with the exercise of variants as tapes and help shoppers to snappily find the right variant.

Color belt and custom image belt
Fluently display product options as color belts or images swatch.
Group products such as tapes
Show a group of products as variants on the product runner. Show further than 100 variants and further than three product options.

Collection runner swatches
Show Tapes right on the product table/ collection & hunt runners.

Bulk import/ import tapes
Fluently upload belt images/ color canons in bulk.

Resettle from old tapes
Resettle tapes from your old belt app in a click.
Help bus- selection( of size?) & stop wrong orders
Shopify themes elect a variant by dereliction which leads to the accidental purchase of dereliction variant. The app helps you to configure product options ( say garment size) to be named by the client before they can add to the total.

Linked product options- Answered!
Shopify themes show all product option choices, anyhow of what combinations live. The app eliminates this mess and only shows options that are available in combination with the former selection.

Out of stock variants
Choose to hide, strike out, or keep showing out-of-stock variants.

Largely customizable options
Control how you want to show different options. For illustration, if you’re dealing with a mobile phone you may want to show models as buttons, colors as tapes, and storehouse options as a dropdown.
Acclimatized for your theme
The tapes, buttons, and dropdowns created by the app are largely flexible in design and can be customized to match your store’s design.

SupportsMulti-Language restatement apps
We support multilingual stores that are restated into multiple languages using any of the language- restatement apps.

Our other apps

  • Variant Image Automator Show Images that are related to the named variant. Makes your product runner look professional.
  • Variant Descriptions King Show different descriptions for different variants and organize long description into tabs or accordions.
  • Variant Title King Change product name with variants, SKU & product options.

Connects with top-rated Shopify apps

  • Product Sludge & Hunt by BoostCommerce-Now add tapes to the important product sludge & hunt results to increase deals.
  • Mobile app builder by Global apps- Now display tapes on your Android and iOS mobile apps as well and boost your profit.
  • Individualized Recommendations by LoopClub- Increase deals by showing recommended products and their variant tapes.(color swatches apps)

Globo Color Swatch

This app provides you with an easy-to-use tool to creatively display different types of products on both the collection page, the homepage, and the product page by enhancing the user experience and encouraging purchases.

Automatic variant image switch
Display different images of the product in switch options for a vid and attractive look. Automatically show the corresponding main variant image and variant image group when the option is selected.

Custom color switch
Get the attention of your customers by showing them the insightful color switch option. Display not only 1 color switch but also 2 color switches to best display the color variant of the product.

Custom image preview
Display whatever you want with a custom image switch. Just upload an image file or image URL to get it.

Buttons and drop down
The most basic option types to meet your different demands are still supported with customized switch options.

Configuration options
Just drag and drop to arrange the option order.

Change the options on the product listing page.
Options with an add-to-cart button can also be displayed on the collection page and homepage so that your customers can make quick purchases from there.

Customizable design: pre-set templates and customizable options
4 preset templates on the product page and 4 on the collection page
Custom switch shape and size
Hover effect
Button border, color
Optional alignment
And much more!
Avoid ordering the wrong types.
Before adding products to the cart, ask customers to select a specific variant so that they do not mistakenly order the selected default variant.

Show variable image groups.
For example: Below the main image of the product, show all red images when selecting the red option. Then, go to the blue images while clicking on the blue option.

Upload a large number of custom images and color switches in a short time.

Support multiple Shopify themes.
The app works in a stream of multiple Shopify themes.

Sold variables
Choose one of 3 options: Hide / Cross Out / Gray Out of Stock variants

Redirect to cart page.
Redirect to the cart page after clicking the Add to cart button to speed up the purchase process and improve conversion rates.(color swatches apps)

Product Options Variant Option

Use unlimited options for
Easily add an unlimited number of product options to your items so you don’t get limited to 3 Shopify options and 100 variations. Provide your customers with the best shopping experience with better use and beautiful product options.

Price increase and one-time fee options
Add extra prices for all your custom options. Add one-time fee options for custom options. Increase the average size of your store’s order using the price increase and one-time fee options.

Custom options types supported
Dropdown and multiple selects and switches (color and image) and radio and checkboxes and buttons and file upload and email and phone and date pick & color pick & detail and popup box.(color swatches apps)

Tired wholesale pricing
More purchases, more discounts. Use tiered wholesale prices to increase sales and sales.

Flexible option templates
Option templates can reduce the tedious process of adding options over and over again, improve performance, and make managing options easier.

We offer two types of template usage, LinkedIn and Unlinked.
Attached: Your product will be attached to the template. Once you change the content of the template, your product will be updated immediately.

Unattached: You only use the content of the template once. Changing the template will not affect the product in the future.

Flexible conditional logic
Create rules that reveal or hide options based on your customer’s previous choices. For example: Hide the option to upload the file that asks for their logo, unless the shirt has been moved to the previous step as required. Create rules that disable or enable optional values ​​based on your customer’s previous choices (can be used to limit inventory). For example, when you choose the L size, you are not allowed to choose the blue color (out of stock). When you choose M size, blue may be optional (in stock).

Creating and uploading images
You can set a fixed proportion of cropping and cropping the image before uploading.

Styling and display customization
The Custom Product Options app helps you realize the customizable resizing and removal.

Our other apps
Ymq Multiple Variable Images: Display images that relate to the selected variant. Your product page looks professional.

Hulk Product Options

Encourage intelligent pricing calculations with our must-have Hulk Product Options app.
What you will do with the Hulk Product Options app:
Allow your customers to choose anything that suits their personality and personalize your customer experience – enhancing AOV
Assign a price for any product quantity or custom category and manage the hassle-free price.
Assign prices for extra items outside of your inventory, such as gift wrapping, and make more money.
Format Cart UI with beautiful customizable option types like dropdown, checkbox, radio button, file upload, email, phone.
You get all of the above pluses:

  • Bulk product update
  • Edit the product in the cart.
  • Tooltip for a better explanation
  • The cost of custom product options
  • Set the maximum character length.
  • Site Discount Codes for Cart Page

All you have to do is:
Create Options and Option Set – Complete the variant range and customize the options to suit your needs and assign them to the options set.
Style them – use winning color switches to bring your products, options, and enhancements to life.
Apply conditional logic – create rules that show or hide options based on your customer’s previous choices.
Assign and Save Product Options – Assign custom options to individual products, save and you’re done!

New to this custom product options equipment?
Skyrocket AOV by offering your customers the right prices for a wide variety of products. Our Custom Product Options app is flexible to work as product filters, product customizers, and product bundles to create enhanced opportunities.(color swatches apps)

Sell ​​gift wraps, or charge extra for last-minute purchases – everything possible with product options.

Custom Options – Why Hulk Product Options App?
Configure custom options using the Hulk Product Options app. Offer more options to your buyers and sell more on your site. Need a gift wrapping surcharge? What about rush processing fees? Hulk product options make it easy!

Here are some ideas for a successful customized product options campaign:

  • Add a tooltip to explain product options to consumers.
  • Allow your customers to choose unlimited customization and options on the product page itself.
  • Assign a price to an option (gift wrapping) that has no inventory, and show the customer how much extra they need to pay for the basic product.
  • Allow users to edit options directly from the cart page without having to start from scratch.
What else should I know?
  • API access
  • Your data is safe with us! Our app is GDPR compliant
  • Online Store 2.0 themes compatible
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