How to add custom font in Shopify store

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Shopify provides hundreds of free font option, also there are many font apps are available in shopify app store. However If these option don’t satisfy you, Still there is a way you can add your own custom font to your store. In this post you will see how you can apply your font to your store.

Follow these steps:

  1. Download the font you want to add to your Shopify store. normally, each font will include 4 font files:
    • .woff / woff2
    • .ttf / otf
    • .eot
    • .svg
  1. From Shopify Admin go to Online Store Themes Actions > Edit Code

  1. Under the Assets section select Add a new asset and upload font files one by one
  1. Open your theme’s CSS file. In most themes, this is called theme.scss.liquid / style.css.liquid
  2. Add the following codes to the file at the bottom: 

If you would like to use that font for headings, you can add this to the bottom of the file:

  1. Save the file . You’re all done.

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