Top 10 Shopify themes for 2021

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split theme

This theme takes its name from its iconic split screen design. This design is ideal for e-commerce stores looking to make a memorable impression. Even though split is a unique theme, it still uses popular web design trends such as: B. Parallax scroll effect, full-width layout, and images, as well as hold-enabled animations.

Separation is more than just an e-commerce issue. This solution may be the right choice if you want a visual effect. Optimized for live images, this theme can be a great choice for your artist portfolio in Brooklyn or for your fashion magazine in New York.


mobilia theme

Mobilia is designed to present your brand with sleek style and seamless integration of content. It offers four different designs to create a stylish e-commerce store. These four ready-to-use designs are a quick way to create a beautiful website for selling wine, fashion accessories, teas and clothes.

Mobilia is sleek and simple, with a wide list of home menus to choose from, custom ad tiles to draw attention to the things you want customers to see first, and more. You can create your own FAQ page, offer people in a hurry a quick purchase feature, and even feature related products on the product page.


retina theme

Retina has four separate demonstrations suitable for different brands and products. The four designs are flexible and can easily be adapted to any company.

Some of the best features in this theme include a tool for posting customer testimonials, a tiered menu, flexible product filtering, product image enlargement, and Instagram integration to view photos from your feed in your shop.

If you want a sophisticated product for your Shopify theme, Retina is for you. There are many ways to make your website stand out with this tool and you can even place multiple video widget designs on each page.


pipeline theme

Pipeline creates a unique user experience through its parallax scrolling effect. The veranda consists of different areas and target areas. It is specially designed for stores with a large product catalog. The pipeline attracts a wide audience of shop owners and buyers.

This flexible Shopify theme is great for use with a wide variety of Google fonts and dropdown menus, ensuring you can impress your audience for all the right reasons, no matter what industry you are in. There’s enough room to add your own brand color too.


icon theme

These icons are designed with a visual content brand in mind. The full-width layout complements the brand with lots of photos and other visual content they want to incorporate into the shop design. Icons work best with social media brands and feature Instagram events in the store.

This symbol is fun to work with if you are interested in the drawing. There are many ways to present your article through the production network and options for a brief product overview. Apart from that, you can add parallax effects to the mix and sticky navigation and scrolling. There is no limit to what you can do here.


atlantic theme

The Atlantic was specifically designed to drive conversion. Stunning, scalable and flawless offering an unforgettable user experience. All layouts are optimized to display large images, including a full-width opening image, welcome image, video clip, or slider.

This Shopify theme supports a number of styles and menus with multiple columns for easier navigation. Branded content is easily displayed on the modular homepage. With Google Maps, you can even show your customers where their products can be picked up.


galleria theme

Slideshows and videos can make any online store stand out, but the Galleria Shopify theme makes it even better. The theme turns a traditional horizontal slider into a vertical slider. In addition, users can tell their story by submitting a video on the home page or product page.

This is a Shopify theme that’s all about beauty and personalization. You can allow your customers to filter what they see in the sidebar and even display animated examples of your products to help customers make the best buying decisions.


editorial theme

If you have a website that has multiple blogs, editing is the right topic for you. Share your brand history and news by adding up to 5 blogs to your store. Editing is a topic for publishers who are supposed to tell stories about brands.

This is the type of topic you are passionate about if you want to target your audience through SEO strategies and various forms of unique content. Large images look amazing on this template and have zoom capabilities.


trademark theme

This brand has a gold style and a rose style. Both styles are ideal for a visually striking brand. The theme is classy and classic. Black and white tones accentuate gold. It also offers live search that shows results and quick links to products, blog posts, and in-store pages.

This highly reliable template is more than just a great selection of seams. He can handle all kinds of sales with a blog sidebar to recommend content to your customers and customer referral solutions. There’s even a built-in predictive search.

Palo Alto

paloalto theme

Palo Alto is a great theme for a modern brand. This works best for stores with a small catalog. Best features include collage layouts, videos for characters, and customer recommendations.

We don’t just love this theme for its great visual appeal. You can customize all kinds of buttons and menus in this shop and make it easy for customers to share their opinions with you. Big characters look great with this theme.

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