Today’s Top 2 Winning Products

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Dropshipping offers a convenient, efficient, and affordable approach to selling physical products online. Since it doesn’t require you to keep inventory on hand or deal with fulfillment, it allows you to start an eCommerce business fast and get to selling right away!

To help you get started with dropshipping, we’ve put together these trending dropshipping products from AliExpress that you can use in your store today.

Safe Dog Claw Grinder

Aliexpress Link

Competitor Store

Facebook Ad

$39.95+$12.95 =$52.90$10.24$42.66

LIKE–  Great reviews, showing the product being used with actual dogs instead of just text reviews.
DISLIKE; Cluttered product page, too many colors, can be streamlined

5 Interest for FB Ads: Pet Store, Dog lovers, Dog health, Dog Grooming, Dog Food

LED Crochet Set

Aliexpress Link

Competitor Store 

Facebook Ad

$39.99 +$2.99 = $42.98$14.05$28.93

LIKE-  quantity break by discount

DISLIKE- Product description lists features; doesn’t paint the picture with benefits! Also too much text without breaks 

5 Interest for FB Ads: 






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